Christmas Spiegeltent

The Spiegeltent

Spiegeltents are exquisite travelling venues, known for their wild and decadent ambiance, attracting night owls, heartbreakers and dream chasers. We couldn’t think of a better venue for throwing Christmas parties, masquerade balls and great nights out….

The magnificent round tent is made of dark wood with intricately carved panels, stained glass windows, bevelled mirrors and an impressive draped ceiling. The boothed seating that lines the edges make way for a grand dance floor with an in-built stage and bar area. It is undoubtedly the finest party venue in town!

Literally translated as ‘mirror tent’, Spiegeltents were originally built in Belgium in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Designed as travelling ballrooms, the mirrors allowed discrete eye contact to be made across a crowded dance floor. Marlene Dietrich famously sung ‘Falling in Love Again’ in a Spiegeltent in Paris in the 1930’s and their innate beauty and romance have continued to attract artists who would normally perform in much larger venues.

Christmas at the Spiegeltent continues this fine tradition and is now considered an institution in Bristol’s festive calendar with legendary Christmas parties, live music, DJs, performance, theatre, masked balls, fine food and family events.

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