Christmas Spiegeltent

Sunday Social – Swing!


Photo Credit: Faye Hedges



The Sunday-Social Swing

Dig out your dancing shoes, we are going to party! Our Sunday-Social Swing will get your toes tapping, your hips swaying, your feet stomping and your spirit soaring – even if you’ve never danced Swing in your life.

With lessons, demos, performances and contests, this is Sunday afternoon at its best. A celebration of music and dance that all the family can enjoy and a great Sunday lunch to fuel the fun.

Here’s the plan

At noon, Spiegeltent opens its doors. Make yourself at home, chat and relax with a drink.

We’ve got two sittings for lunch: 1 pm or 2 pm – choose when you make your reservation. If you want to get more time to practice your moves, go for the early sitting. When we serve the later diners, the dance floor will be cleared for those who can’t wait to shimmy.

Between 3 pm and 6 pm, there’s going to be a whirlwind of dance, with swing DJs finding the rhythms you can’t resist. If you don’t know the moves, don’t worry, we’ll show you.

The first Swing Rueda classes, ideal for complete beginners, start at 3 pm, with easy music and separate tuition for adults and kids. Our second classes feature faster music and again, separate groups for adults and kids. The fast and furious fun starts at 4.45 pm.

Watch the experts, then see how you match up

At 3.45 pm, experts from Swing Dance Bristol will be performing. They’ll demo the steps, the turns, the breaks and the tricks. Pick up all the tips you can because at 4.35 pm the competition begins. With the tent hopping and the tunes blasting, we’ll be looking for your best aerial moves, and for those whose feet are flying, there’s a fast music challenge.

Get moving. Get happy. Join us.

A quick recap

(incl over 2 hours of social dancing 2.30-6pm)
12-2.30pm Entry for people who have booked for the roast
2.30pm Entry for dancer tickets & DJs start
3pm Beginners dance class, slower music
3.15pm DJs
3.40pm ‘What is Swing’ music session with
Kira (vocals) & Riaan (double bass)
4pm Beginners dance class, faster music
4.10pm DJs
4.40pm Dance performance troupes: Jazz Hands, Flamingo Flappers, Shag-Shape & Bristol Fashion
4.55pm Swing Rueda class
5.10pm DJs
5.30pm All-comers dance contest: Fast Music with prizes
5.35pm DJs


Kids’ entertainment

3pm ‘What is Swing’ music session with Kira & Riaan
3.20pm First dance class with Josh
4pm Second dance class with Josh
In the main space we’ll have colouring sets with pictures of dancer for the children to colour in, there are also prizes available for the best picture! The outlines are being created for us by local artist Winged Fox, who will also have a stall at the event with her Christmas cards.