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Spiegeltent translates as ‘mirror tent’ and they were created in the Flemish Region of Belgium in the late 19th century. Spiegeltents are hand-hewn pavilions known for their wild and decadent ambiance and used for travelling dance halls, bars and bohemian entertainment salons. The magnificent round tent is made of dark wood with intricately carved panels, stained glass windows, bevelled mirrors and an impressive draped ceiling. Its innate beauty and romance makes it a truly extraordinary venue for any event. Our Spiegeltent continues this fine tradition with an exquisitely decorated performance space that is ideally suited to Christmas parties, masquerade balls, live music shindigs and food filled festive soirees.

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The Spiegeltent is a stunning and truly unique event space that that brings wonderment and panache to any occasion. Join us for a spectacular evening of merriment and good cheer filled with fine food, incredible live performance and raucous revelry. The Spiegeltent is the ideal location for Christmas parties, live events and special occasions. So, for this festive season, come and experience the amazing atmosphere and treat yourself to fine dining and enticing libations, uproarious entertainment and sumptuous surroundings. We’re here for the party goers, the thrill seekers and the decadent adventurers ready to undertake a journey strewn with excitements and curiosities.

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